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    re #101 SG – oil prices will not be going down to $50 a barrell anytime soon, commodity prices overall are now responding to currency hedging.There is simply too much money flowing into commodities. Also the oil producing nations are not about to give up their largess just because Joe sixpack is crying about the hundred bucks it now cost to fill up his SUV twice a week.The government overall is in a big pickle. They need to raise interest rates to stem inflation but the finacial crisis caused by the easy money bubble has not abated.

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    Richard This technique sounds very interesting. Can you expound on it more. I think it sounds very interesting. If one wanted to do abstracts, this would be a good vehicle too. Miss you Carol P.

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    Good show as always guys. Look forwrad to your thoughts on Spanish Prisoner! I managed to watch House of Games , which shared some similarities. Thats not necessarily a good thing I enjoy the dialogue Mamet writes but in The Spanish Prisoner and House of Games there’s some scenes where it seems he’s trying to spell certain plot points out to the audience. Not sure if it’s intentional or not but it stood out. I did chuckle when James suggested a knowing/spanish prisoner podcast! I never clarified why I suggested it in the first place; mainly for me it held a few surprises from a technical point of view. While the religious undertones didn’t interest me, I actually enjoyed the way the two big disaster scenes were shot and presented in the film. It was a small percentage of the film, but I must say it suprised me as I was expecting a lot less as I’m not a fan of Alex Proyas. Plus, there’s a classic Nic Cage moment when he screams you want some of this? at a forest and hits a tree with a baseball bat.


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